Believers Staff & Leadership

The staff and leadership here at Believers is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them.

  • Wayne Bustard

    Senior Pastor

    Pastor Wayne grew up in New Brunswick where he attended and graduated from Northeast Christian College. In his 20 plus years of ministry he has served as youth pastor, assistant pastor, evangelist and senior pastor. He is a powerful prophetic preacher and operates in the gifts of the Spirit. His dynamic preaching will challenge you to become great for God. His heartbeat is to see the glory of God revealed to this generation. Pastor Wayne loves his children and loves to raise up sons and daughters in the Gospel!


  • Dylan Chambers

    Assistant Pastor/Youth PAstor

    Pastor Dylan grew up just down the street from the church. He had a radical conversion that has dramatically changed his life. This young man of God burns with passion for revival and for those who need Jesus! He is a dynamic speaker and is involed in various ministries at Believers.

  • Nedra Francis

    Worship pastor

    Pastor Nedra lives to worship God and to lead others into His presence. Nedra is a public school music teacher. She is incredibly talented and is dedicated to the ministry God has given her. She is passionate about leading our Believers Church in dynamic, heartfelt worship.

  • Heather Barefoot

    Connect pastor/Women's Ministry Director

    Pastor Heather or "Mamma" as she is affectionately called by many, serves as our connect pastor. You will find her before and after each service reaching out to connect with people. She loves Believers and loves people.

  • Osekhuemen Otabor

    Prayer Pastor

    Pastor Ose is passionate about the work of God and especially prayer. He leads the Saturday night Upper Room prayer ministry as well as our Believers Prayer Team. His heart is for a modern day revival in Winnipeg and beyond.

  • Patrice Irambona Sebineza

    Associate Pastor

    Patrice was born in the Congo and has ministered in various countries of the world. He is a church planter and soul winner. Patrice speaks seven languages! He has a passion for revival and desires to see God move in a great way. His gentle spirit and humility make him a joy to be around. 

  • Ian Hinds

    Associate Pastor

    Pastor Ian has been affiliated with Believers Church for many years. He loves people and has a heartbeat for revival. Pastor Ian preaches out as an evangelist and when he is not engaged in evangelistic ministry you will find him serving at Believers.

  • Zonia Roca


    Zonia loves God! Her passion for Jesus is evident in all she does. She is a worker, a planner, and most importantly a worshipper.  She has proven to be an invaluable member of the Believers team. Her energy and ability to get things done is second to none!

  • Diane Bobbitt


    Diane is a long-standing member of Believers Church. She has such a sweet spirit and serves with great humility. Diane is deeply loved and highly respected at Believers. 

  • William Wiebe

    Head Usher

    William is another long standing member at Believers. He is a wealth of knowledge about Believers Church. This humble man leads a wonderful group of ushers who would love to help find you a seat this Sunday at Believers Church..

  • Susan charles-shears

    care teams director

    Susan loves people and loves God. She was instrumental in developing Believers Care Teams. These teams reach out to members of Believers Church during time of sickness, bereavement, discouragement, etc. This ministry is based simply on bringing encouragement to others. Susan is an encourager!

  • Carol Muswagon

    hospitality director

    You will find Carol at our hospitality desk greeting everyone as they arrive for service. She is a great point of contact when you have questions about our church. She loves to help people! Her three girls help their mom by greeting people outside with our welcome signs.

  • Believers Kids Director

  • Dany Roca

    Production/Media Director

    Dany is a talented young man who leads a wonderful team in our production/media ministry. Dany and his team takes care of sound, lighting, visual effects, livestreaming, etc. They make believers church look good!

  • Kathy Dunning

    Kitchen Director

    Kathy is passionate about serving. She has been involved in various ministries at Believers Church. She loves people and believes that fellowship is a very important aspect of the Believers community.