Upper Room Prayer

Upper Room prayer is the life-force of our church. We cover everything we do with prayer. This gathering happens on Saturday nights from 7-9pm. Upper Room Prayer rivals our Sunday morning service in intensity and power. Every Christian should be involved in prayer, and at Believers we believe in the power of prayer.

Believers Church Woman's Ministry

The Women's Ministry at Believers is designed to bring women into the greatest encounter of their lives, an encounter with God! This ministry is designed to bring women together in fellowship but also together in every area of life. We believe no one should have to do life alone. Some meetings are for fun activities while others are more spiritually centered. 

Men's Ministry

Men need other men. It's a fact. We need each other to grow, develop and challenge each other. There is something powerful that happens when Godly men unite together in worship and prayer! Our men's gatherings offer a variety of different activities. Sometimes we do breakfast together and share the word of God. Other times its a wing-night and a movie. No matter what the activity is, we always have blast and leave better.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-Centered support group for those dealing with hurts, habits and hang-ups. This meeting takes place every Wednesday evening at 6pm in the Community Centre. Celebrate Recovery is a ministry of Believers Church and everyone is welcome to attend

Outreach Ministry

Our Outreach Ministry generally meets on Saturdays to take the Gospel to the streets. We hand out water and popsicles on hot days along with an encouraging word and prayer. During the winter months we have to become a little more creative but we see it as an important time to reach out to the homeless of our city.

Care Team

The need for this ministry became acutely apparent during the first wave of Covid-19 when people were in lockdowns and isolation. While the pastors of our church were actively engaged in reaching out to our church members, it didn't take long to realize they were overwhelmed. The ministry of Care Teams was born out of a desire of our church people to check on one another and to be a source of encouragement during difficult times of life. What a wonderful blessing this ministry has been to so many. We are our brothers and sisters keepers!

Acts 29 Youth

Acts 29 is the youth group for ages 11-17. This is a specialized youth program that is designed to train our young people to become active participants at Believers. Acts 29 Youth meet on Wednesday nights in the Community Centre @ 7pm. Here they are taught the word of God in a way that they can relate to. During this meeting they select which area of ministry they will be mentored in during the Sunday service. On Sundays you will find this youth group engaged in the production booth, hospitality department or helping in Sunday School. We are thrilled to see these youth take their place in ministry at Believers Church. We are not waiting for them to "grow up" to be used of God, we are growing them up as they are used of God. Activities are planned on special nights and are designed to be fun and to foster fellowship with other teenage believers. 

Believers Kids

Believers Kids programs takes place Sunday morning in the Community Centre for kids ages 3-10. Our experienced and dynamic staff are excited to teach your children about Jesus! During this time Believers Kids will be involved in their own worship service. They will be taught a Bible lesson and take parts in other activities such as crafts. Generally a light snack is also served.